Pick My Project! – 01

What should I cook? It’s a question I ask basically every week before I do this blog. I try to come up with something interesting and enjoyable, as well as being easy and affordable.

But occasionally I have a tough time thinking of what to prepare. And so I’m going to offer three possible options to you guys and have you pick! I’ll do this periodically, and for this first go-around your choices are as follows:


Chili – I make a mean chili. In fact, my recipe for such was the basis for me starting up this blog. I’ll show you step-by-step how to duplicate my efforts!


Lasagna – Yes, Garfield’s favorite! I make a decent lasagna, if I do say so myself. It’s something that’s very tasty, and far easier to cook than you might expect. Down side: doing it right is pricey!


Pavlova – My pavlovas have become quite famous in my little circle of family and friends. This is a high-reward, medium-effort dessert that will really astound anyone you serve it to.

(all pictures swiped from their respective Wikipedia articles)

So there you are. Please comment either here, or on the Facebook post for this article. I’ll announce the winner on June 21, and make the dish on the 25th! Whatever two dishes don’t make it this time get put onto the list, along with a new one, next time!

So please vote for your choice, and put me to work for you!