General Shopping Advice

And now let us discuss how to buy groceries.

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And let’s not shop here, shall we?

Shopping intelligently for groceries is like any other skill: you have to learn it and maintain it. My friend Jasmine knew almost literally nothing about how to properly buy groceries until I walked her through the process. Now she’s a champ! So let’s go over some suggestions.

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General Cooking Advice

Cooking is, as I am going to emphasize over and over again, dead easy. It really is just basically a matter of gathering ingredients, following instructions, and paying attention. Do all that, and you can have win.


Even making a turkey is way easier than it seems!

But there are certain little tips and tricks. Things that can help make your life in the kitchen just a bit easier. And I am going to share some of those with you. Here are a few.

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