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Recommended Cooking Gear

You might be in a situation where maybe you don’t have a great deal of cooking gear. Never fear! I am here to help you out, with some very good, inexpensive items. Have a look at these!

First off, let’s look at this set of kitchen utensils. There are a lot of great things in here! Spoons, cutters, graters, a can opener, etc. Many very basic things you need. Now these aren’t the highest quality items, but it’s a complete set and it’ll give you what you need until you can get something better.

You can also used a good skillet. Take a look at this one. I have two of them, and they’re just fantastic! They really are fairly non-stick, and unlike a lot of other skillets I’ve had, the handles haven’t yet begun to unscrew themselves from the pan, despite years of use.

A cutting board is important. Wood or plastic doesn’t really matter too terribly much, though my personal preference is plastic. Both work well.

Now you can easily spend way too much for knives. I recommend just a simple, basic, chef’s knife, which will accomplish most of what you need. If you want something more than that, a set like this is fine. Make sure you neither soak these in water, nor run them through the dishwasher, as that can dull the blades.

More to come.