Recipe 004 – Deviled Eggs and Bacon-Wrapped Chicken

You say have a party about to happen, and you don’t know what to make for it. Don’t worry; I gotcha.


[insert stupid egg pun here]

There are two party dishes which, if you make them right, everyone will love, and thankfully they’re very easy to make! So it is that today we’re going to learn ¬†how ot make deviled eggs and bacon-wrapped chicken!

You will need:

Deviled eggs:

Eggs. How many depends on how many people you want to serve. Assume about two eggs per person, and round up to the nearest half-dozen.


Mustard (standard yellow or Dijon)



Dill weed


A hand mixer

Bacon-wrapped chicken:

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Approximately one for every three or four people.

Bacon. One 16oz package for every ten people.

One can of Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning

1 pound of brown sugar


Baking sheet

Cooling rack

Aluminum foil

Let us begin.

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Lessons with Jasmine – 002 – Breakfast

Who wants a delicious breakfast? You want a delicious breakfast. So does Jasmine, and so today, I taught her how to make one!


You will need:

1 dozen eggs

1 load of bread (in our case we used sourdough)

1 package of bacon

1 package of sausages (we used two because we wanted different kinds)

1 teaspoon of vanilla extra (real please, not that imitation crap)

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

Butter (optional)

Syrup (optional)


Cooking tongs

Pancake flipper


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