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Experiment 002 – Steak Fajitas

Well, here we are. Sorry I haven’t posted anything in the last couple of weeks. Life has been busy. But I’m back now, and I’ve come with a new experiment! Yes, I went all Mexican-ish, and tried to make steak fajitas!

Note the word “tried”. The fact that we don’t have a picture of the finished product should be a warning sign here.


Though maybe not this particular sign.

You will need:

1 average-sized steak for each person

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

1 onion


Chili powder

Cayenne pepper




A pan

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 2 hours

Let’s begin!


Steak fajitas are hardly a new invention. So why am I calling this an experiment? Well, I’ve never made them before, and don’t have a recipe, so there you go!

This is a good way to use up steak that you might have bought in a buy one, get three free sale. The steaks in those sales tend to be not the best quality for things like serving as an actual steak. But with this recipe you can still get some use out of them.

Start by cutting the steaks into strips, then toss them into your pan.



Now the peppers. Cut off the tops and the bottoms, then get the ribs and seeds out of the inside. Once you’re done with that, cut them into strips.


Or, if you like, you can have your minion cut them for you.


Yep, I had an assistant for this one! Hello, Jasmine!

Alright, now that you’re done cutting the peppers put them into the pan with the beef. Having done that, you now do the same with the onion.


Perfect. Now you add in your spices (just add to taste, and remember that it’s always easier to add more than remove what you have in!), and you’re good to go!


Now put the lid on it, and cook it over a medium heat. Set the timer for ten minutes, then stir it again. Reset for ten minutes, stir, and repeat and repeat for about an hour or two. Eventually, you’ll get something like this.


So don’t do what I did. Don’t forget to set a timer. Don’t let the food sit for twenty-five minutes, and then say, “Oh, hell!” and rush to it.



It must be said that the parts that were not burned tasted just delicious! I pulled out quite a few of the unburned strips, put them onto a tortilla and had a great time!

So the end of the story here is that as long as you’re careful when you cook, you can make something very tasty. Enjoy, but exercise caution!


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