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Recipe 004 – Deviled Eggs and Bacon-Wrapped Chicken

You say have a party about to happen, and you don’t know what to make for it. Don’t worry; I gotcha.


[insert stupid egg pun here]

There are two party dishes which, if you make them right, everyone will love, and thankfully they’re very easy to make! So it is that today we’re going to learn  how ot make deviled eggs and bacon-wrapped chicken!

You will need:

Deviled eggs:

Eggs. How many depends on how many people you want to serve. Assume about two eggs per person, and round up to the nearest half-dozen.


Mustard (standard yellow or Dijon)



Dill weed


A hand mixer

Bacon-wrapped chicken:

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Approximately one for every three or four people.

Bacon. One 16oz package for every ten people.

One can of Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning

1 pound of brown sugar


Baking sheet

Cooling rack

Aluminum foil

Let us begin.

To start with, put your eggs into a pot and fill that pot with water. Heat it to boiling. Then let the eggs boil for twenty minutes. Once you’ve done that, take the pan off the heat, pour out as much water as you can (be careful! Steam burns suck), and then fill the pot with cold water. Do this every five minutes or so for about twenty minutes. Once the eggs are cool to the touch, you’re set.

Now get two bowls. One will be used to hold eggs, and the other, their shells.


Now start cracking! Do your best to peel carefully. At the end you want the eggs to look as nice as they can.

Soon you should have a bowl full of shelled eggs.


Excellent. Now get out a knife and cut them in half. Take the yolks and drop them into a new bowl, and place the whites onto a serving plate/tray. Again, do your best to keep them looking as nice as you can. Any that severely break, well, enjoy your new snack.


Right, now to the yolks add your mayonnaise and various seasonings, then mix. Go light on the mayo at first; you can always add more as you need. If you really want to be fancy, you can also pour in a few spoonfuls of dill pickle juice, if you have any.

Once you have a nice, creamy texture that’s seasoned to your personal taste, go back and start scooping yolk mix into the whites. If you have a frosting bag, you can use that. Otherwise, just use a spoon. It’s less efficient and doesn’t look as fancy, but it works.

Then when you’re done, sprinkle with paprika and serve! If you aren’t serving right away, put them into the fridge and serve later.



And you’re done!

Now to the chicken. Start by taking the chicken breasts and cutting them into cubes. It’s pretty easy to do, and you want something nice and bite-sized.


Now cut your bacon into thirds.


The next part is pretty interesting. Take about half of your brown sugar and mix it into a bowl with about half of your creole seasoning. Do this by hand, as using a mixer will likely blow stuff everywhere.


The lovely Jasmine assists!

You will get seasoning mix under your nails, and you will smell it for two to three days. There is no way around this. Sorry, Jasmine!


Such a brave girl.

Now take your baking sheet and cover the bottom with foil. Then put your (oven safe, please!), cooking rack on top of it. That done, take your pieces of chicken and wrap a piece of bacon around them. Stick a toothpick through it and place it onto your baking sheet.


Leave the “seam” turned upward. You can get quite dense with these, and pack them in very tightly. Touching each other is fine. Crowd ’em on!


Now put them into the oven on 350 degrees for 35 minutes. During the last five minutes, set your oven to broil so that the bacon ends up nice and crispy.

Alas, we were so busy eating these that I neglected to take a picture of the finished product, but I assure you, it’s wonderful.

So there you are. Two very nice, very easy to make, absolutely delicious items that people will scarf down like you won’t believe. They’re also fairly cheap. You can find your entire party crew for way less than you’d guess.

Good food, easy to make, and not too pricey. What’s not to love?


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