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Lessons with Jasmine – 003 – Spaghetti and Meatballs

Yep, that old Italian classic! It’s pretty easy and simple to make, but I won’t lie; it’s time-consuming. However, if you really want to impress someone with your cooking skills, this is the way to go!


You will need:


3 pounds of ground beef

1 pound of ground turkey

2 Tbs parsley

1/3 cup of grated Romano cheese

3/4 cup of breadcrumbs

3 eggs

2 cloves of garlic

1 onion

Some extra virgin olive oil

2 one pound cans of crushed tomatoes

8 fifteen ounce cans of tomato sauce

2 small cans of tomato paste

1 pound of sweet Italian sausage

1 clove of garlic

2 Tbs of sugar

2 Tbs of oregano

2 Tbs of basil

Spaghetti noodles

A large stock pot

A spoon (wooden, ideally)

A skillet

A baking dish

A food chopper

So, with everything assembled, let’s begin!


Start by, of course, washing your hands! Like a good cook would. That done, get the meats, the eggs, and the breadcumbs into your bowl.


Jasmine has learned how to crack and egg with one hand! And how to wear a fantastic paisley dress!


Now to the onion. Peel all the brown parts off, then cut it in half. Cut off the outer piece, and then peel off the top layer or two so that you get something that looks like this.


Great! Next, get to the chopper! And chop it up! That done, separate a couple of cloves from the garlic bulb, and peel off the skin. Cut off the base part and you end up with something like this.


Chop that up, and let’s move on to the parsley. Cut off the stems and stuff it on in, then chop it up!


Excellent. Alright, throw all of that into your bowl!

17779092_10211738117904450_737389981_oHere comes the “fun” part. I say that because what you get to do now is plunge your fingers into this alarmingly cold creation and mix it up.


You will hate this. It is not pleasant. It is not fun. Jasmine was not pleased.


Don’t worry; circulation will return in time.

Now once everything is all mixed up, you wash your hands, then get out your skillet. Put it onto the stove on a medium heat with some olive oil at the bottom. Grab hold of clumps of meat, and roll them between your hands until they make a rough ball. You want something larger than a golf ball, but smaller than a baseball. You then roll it in the breadcrumbs and place it gently into your skillet


Once you fill up the skillet, let it sit for a few moments, then sort of roll them around. Your goal here is to get them browned on all sides. You won’t be able to cook all the way through, and may not even wind up browning it all over, but that’s ok, because your next step is to put the browned meatballs into a baking pan.


Once you have a full dish, place it into the oven at 350 degrees. Let it cook for 45 minutes. While that’s  happening, you can start up the sauce.

Begin by cutting up the sausage, and place the pieces into your pot.


Ok, so next up, we’re going to brown this. Once it’s browned (or greyed, because it turns rather grey), you take out the sausage pieces and put them onto a plate. Throw them into the fridge for now. Then add your sugar, oregano, and basil. Just cut off the stems, and dice up the leaves. Put in the tomato paste as well.


Looking good! Ok, cook all that for two minutes, then add the tomatoes and tomato sauce. Mix it all together! Should be looking and smelling just great right about now, yes?


Oh, yes.

Cook this over the lowest heat your stove can manage. Stir it thoroughly every ten minutes. Really get in there, and dig out the goodness on the bottom!

By this time your meatballs should be just about done. Let’s check.


Yep, very nice. Now use your tongs to drop these one at a time into your sauce, and then add the sausage. Stir it all up! Then let it sit. And simmer. And stir. And sit. And simmer. And stir.

Now at this point, if you can, the best bet is to put the sauce into a shallow pan and put it into the refrigerator. Let it sit overnight, so that all the goodness is really well absorbed!

But in my case, I need to eat this tonight. So we continue on!

Take a large pot and fill it with water. Put it onto the stove and heat it to a rolling boil. Then add your pasta. Let it cook in two six minute stretches, stirring between them.

Once the pasta is done, which you can tell by taking out a noodle and seeing if it is cooked enough, you drain it. Then throw it onto a plate, put on some sauce, and some meatballs, and if you’re really into it, add on some Parmesan cheese and a couple strips of basil!


Basil not included. Because I forgot to add it.

And there you go! You’ve just made spaghetti and meatballs!

Now to be honest, this really is a time-consuming recipe, as you can tell. But it’s good a pretty major “wow factor”, and should blow the socks off anyone who you want to impress!



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