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Lessons with Jasmine – 002 – Breakfast

Who wants a delicious breakfast? You want a delicious breakfast. So does Jasmine, and so today, I taught her how to make one!


You will need:

1 dozen eggs

1 load of bread (in our case we used sourdough)

1 package of bacon

1 package of sausages (we used two because we wanted different kinds)

1 teaspoon of vanilla extra (real please, not that imitation crap)

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

Butter (optional)

Syrup (optional)


Cooking tongs

Pancake flipper


There are a lot of good ways to prepare breakfast. Everything from a bowl of cereal to pancakes to kippers to what we’re doing today. This one is honestly a bit over-the-top and probably not something you’ll want to eat daily. But for those special occasions its hard to go wrong with this!


A question arises at this point: how many eggs? Well, you’ll want two eggs for each serving of scrambled eggs. For the French toast, you’ll want to use one egg for each piece of French toast you plan to serve.

Start by cracking your eggs. Crack them into a nice bowl that you can later use to whisk them in. You can, if you like, be all fancy and try to crack them one-handed! Then add your cinnamon and vanilla.


Very good. Now go to town with your whisk and whisk it up! Whisk it up, I say! Mix ’em good!


Fancy panda dress optional!

Once you’re done, everything should be well-blended together. Something like this.


Now comes the fun part. You dredge your bread in it and then drop it into your skillet, which should be at a medium heat.


Now I like to do one minute per side. So cook them for a minute, then flip them over. Once you’ve done both sides, plate ’em up, slather some butter on them (while they’re hot, so the butter will melt better), and then set them aside so you can work on the eggs!

Scrambled eggs are one of the easiest things to make. Basically you take what’s left of your egg wash, crack some more eggs into it, and whisk away. Once you’re done, pour the egg mix into the skillet.


This is the same basic set of steps you’ll take if you wish to make an omelet. The major difference is that rather than folding over your eggs, you’re going to take your pancake flipper and scramble them up!


Keep pushing them around until all the really shiny, glistening parts have faded. Then put them onto the plate!

Now comes the bacon, aka: God’s own best food. Bacon is easy to make, but one caution here: you will get burned.

Turn the heat to medium-high and open the package. Place your bacon onto the skillet.


Alright, looking good. Now you’re going to let it sit in there for 45 seconds, then take your tongs and flip over each piece. Cook them for another 45 seconds, flip again, and then one final blast of 45 second heat. Then put them onto a plate with paper towels to soak up the grease.


Fantastic! Now speaking of the grease…


Yuck. You can, if you like, use it to fry an egg or two in. They do turn out excellent that way. But regardless of what you use it for, when you’re done, pour it into an old aluminum can and set it aside. Be careful, as the can will become very hot when you pour the grease into it! But you never want to wash it down the drain, so pour it into the can, and once it has cooled you can either use it to cook with later, or just throw it into the trash.

Now the sausages! Even easier than the bacon. You drop them into the skillet, rotate them around so they brown on all sides, then plate them.


How do you know when they’re done? Well, brown them on all sides, and then break one open. Find the last one you put onto the heat, ideally. If looks cooked through, you’re fine. You can see the one I broke open in this picture.


Now get everything onto the plate and enjoy!


So lovely.

This is a bit time-consuming, and you’d basically die if you ate it every day. But for a fun special occasion, it’s a very nice meal to make. For the record, it all turned out delicious. Jasmine is really coming along as a cook!

Anyhow, enjoy! And as always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave a comment!


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