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Lessons for Jasmine – 001 – Fried Chicken

What is Jasmine, you might ask? This is Jasmine.


fig 1. Jasmine

Jasmine is a friend of mine who a year ago didn’t really know how to cook. In that time, I’ve taught her how to make shepherd’s pie, a pavlova, homemade fries, hamburgers, and a number of other things.

Tonight, I’m teaching her how to make fried chicken, and you can play along at home!

You will need:

1 Chicken

2 large eggs

1 quart of buttermilk

Four cups of flour

Paprika, garlic, salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning


A cast iron skillet (or an electric skillet)


A meat thermometer

A cutting board

A chef’s knife

Ok, so this is kind of complicated, but at the same time, very easy. So that makes sense. Anyhow, we start by washing your hands very thoroughly! You will be doing this constantly throughout this process, and it’s very important that you do it. Chicken can carry all sorts of nasty foodborne illness, so wash, wash, wash!

Now, we begin by opening getting the chicken out of whatever package its in and placing it on the cutting board.


That was easy, yes? Yes. Also, make sure your cutting board has a groove along the edge. This is useful, as you will see.


The next step involves reaching up inside and pulling out the organs! Yay! Organs!


Actually, not really yay. Not unless you’re English. Those people love their organ meat. Anyhow, get out everything that’s inside and if you’re sensible, throw them away. If you aren’t, cook them, I guess. Yuck.


Well done. Next step, cutting! You’ll want a good sharp knife here. First, cut off the legs and thighs. You’ll do this by cutting along the joint, then either cutting through it, or twisting it around until it detaches.



Good. Now do that with the other leg, and then start on the wings.


Messy, yes? But very easy.

Now that you’ve got the legs and wings off, you need to separate the back from the breast. Easiest way? Put it up on its end and push your knife down the middle! Right through the ribs! Crunch!


Looks like something out of Alien.

For our next trick, we split the breast. Basically put your knife along it, and push down hard to separate the two breasts.


Now cut the back in half.

So that’s all the knife work done. Not too hard, was it? You don’t need to be scared or intimidated when working with things like this.

The next part involves your other ingredients. First, take the buttermilk and pour it into a bowl, and add your eggs. Whisk it up good!


Good. Now put the flour and all our spices into another bowl. Mix that up with a fork.


Very simple.

Turn the heat up to medium-high. You’re aiming for around 350 degrees. Now throw in some shortening. How much shortening? Well, once it melts, you’re aiming for around 3/4 of an inch in the bottom of the pan.


So next we dredge the chicken pieces through the buttermilk and egg mix. Coat ’em good.


Ok, next step: roll them around in the flour and spices. Get them really completely covered.


Alright, then. Now we drop them carefully into the hot oil. I can’t stress the careful part enough. We’re working with hot oil here! You don’t want to get burned. You will, of course, but you don’t want to.


Make sure you put the thickest side down.


And your hands probably look like this.


The horror!

Ok, good job so far. Now let them swim around in the oil for about seven minutes. Then use your tongs to flip them over.


Great! Now let them sit for another seven minutes and flip them again. Five more minutes. Now flip once more, and five final minutes.

Excellent. Now how do you know sure that they’re ready to go? This is where your meat thermometer comes in handy. Pick up the largest piece (likely a breast), and stick that thermometer in there as far as you can! Be careful to not hit the bone, and to not go all the way through, thus hitting the oil.


You’re aiming for 165. Once you know that the largest piece of meat is at that temp the others certainly are. Then you’re good to go!

So now you take them and set them onto a plate with a paper towel. Let them sit for about five minutes.


Now…eat and enjoy!


Jasmine is pleased.

This is something very easy to make and totally good to eat. Best of all, they go well in the fridge, so you can put them into there overnight and eat them cold, or nuke them.

Either way, eat and enjoy! Jasmine certainly did! And now she, and you, have learned how to make another great dish!


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