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Recipe 001 – Homemade French Fries


Homemade French fries are, as the kids say, the bomb-diggity, yo. They’re very simple and very easy to make, and quite rewarding to eat. They’re something that seem like they would be complicated, but as you’re about to learn, they are not.

You will need:

2 – 3 medium-sized potatoes per person

A deep fryer

Cooking oil

A sharp knife

A cutting board

A peeler

A mixing bowl

Paper towels

Total prep time: approximately 10 minutes, plus soaking time

Total cook time: approximately 10 – 15 minutes

To start with get your gear together.


That all looks lovely, yes? Wash the potatoes (and your hands), thoroughly. If there are any eyes (roots), on the potatoes, dig them out with the pointy end of your peeler.

Once that’s done, peel away, and you’ll be left with something like this:


Excellent. Now comes the easy part. Cut the potatoes in half lengthwise.


See? Very easy. Now cut them lengthwise again to get something that looks like steak fries.


Do that with all of them until you have all your fries cut off. Then comes an odd part. Take all the fries and drop them into a bowl.


Add cold water.


This step is very important. It removes a considerable amount of the starch from the potatoes, which makes them cook more evenly and really adds to the taste.

Now, how long to soak them for? Well, basically, for as long as you can stand it. Overnight is fine, but possibly excessive. I’d aim for at least three or four hours, though. Maybe change the water halfway through.

Once you’ve done all that, heat up your fryer to 275 degrees. When it’s at temp, drop in your fries!


Let them cook for about 5 minutes, then pull them out and drop them onto paper towel-covered plate. Let them sit while you crank the heat up to 375. Once it’s at that temp, drop those puppies in for one last swim!


Yes, we cook them twice. Why? Because doing so makes them more crispy and delicious, that’s why.

After five, maybe five-and-a-half minutes, take them out and drop them onto the plate again, though with a replacement paper towel. Sprinkle them with salt, and then serve.


Have you tried this recipe? If so, please leave me a comment with any feedback you have!


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